Monday, October 27, 2008


OK, folks, I'm new here. Actually, only new to posting as I have been lurking for about 5 years now. Yep, I lurked at Emergiblog long before Kim had her own spot. (Hey Kim, was I one of the original lurkers? I don't remember exactly when I found you, but I do remember reading all your archives in under an hour). I have been reading AD for...Oh, I don't remember how long, but a long time. I also read all his archives in under an hour, at that time. I have also read Peter at Street Watch for years, John at Disappearing John since before he was nurse, Student Nurse Jack since before she started nursing school, and many others over the years.
I have only commented sporadically, and always as "anonymous". I would like to change that now, if I can.
However, you folks be warned, I am NOT a women with tons of time on her hands. I work full time, attend school full time, and volunteer with the local rescue squad over 100 hours a month. I will be posting, I promise, just don't expect to much from one women! I occasionally need an hour or so of sleep...
Oh, and I wish to remain as anonymous as I can, so if any of you folks know me, please DO NOT give out my real identity. Thanks in advance!

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