Monday, January 18, 2010

Desperation in Haiti

So, as you all know, Haiti is facing a tremendous disaster. My thoughts and prayers are with the rescuers and aid workers as they battle the clock there.
The time is quickly running out for finding anyone alive under the rubble. Any trapped are going to perish of hunger and thirst in the next few hours, if they haven't already. Medical aide is being slowed and hindered at every turn by red tape and simple logistics. There is only ONE airport to bring ALL of the aide into. This will continue to hinder relief efforts for many days to come.
Even if they survived the initial quake, the survivors are still facing tremendous odds. Infection, disease, starvation, and thirst lie in wait for them all. Even simple wounds can be quickly deadly in a dirty environment with the stressed bodies of the quake survivors. The pictures coming out are incredible, with people with huge head wounds, mangled skulls, open fractures, and more still alive. Without timely aid, some of which is already to late, many of these will die in the next few days of infection.
The decomposing corpses, lack of sanitation, and lack of clean water will also provide hazards. The risk of disease outbreak is very high with this lack of basic sanitation. Diseases we have never seen here in the US can quickly kill hundreds weakened by malnutrition and injury.
These are just a few of the immediate risks faced by the relief workers in Haiti. I'm no expert, but I know they are facing HUGE challenges. My thoughts and prayers are with them as they work.

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